Something Will Change When Get Married

The festivity of your wedding is over, and you begin the reality of starting your life with your husband. You start to adjust some things, such as sharing a home and a life with someone, and while you may find it inconvenient sometimes, you get on with it because you understand that with marriage comes new roles, new responsibilities, new priorities, and new dreams.

Since a marriage needs each person in the relationship to work together as a team, for the marriage and for the family as well, it is natural that you and your spouse change as you adjust and adapt. But where does the biggest change lie? Will marriage impact your lifestyles? We think so!

Life before marriage will totally different. You have plenty of time hanging out with your friends, even time for yourself. You can go wherever you want, you don’t have to figure out how to fit in the in-laws, you don’t have to adjust yourself on how to act based on your marital status. Things will already be different, even without the arrival of a baby. When you’re married, you’re someone’s spouse. When a baby comes, it’s a total game changer, and you’re suddenly someone’s parent. You got more tough responsibilities, and along with that, you have different vision of life that you really need to work it out.

When you used to spend your hard earned cash to support your lifestyle, you would most likely be unable to do that on account to having to support your lifestyle as a family. How you spend your money will also change after you’re married. Money won’t be an issue of his-and-hers anymore because yours and his will come together in one melting pot.

However, being married also brings with it some comforting lifestyle change because there is a new level of security and comfort that comes along with being married. You’d opt for a night in, to Netflix with your hubby and chill, instead of going out and partying until the wee hours of the morning. What you enjoy will be different now that you are not two, but one.

Once you’re married, you’re a team, which means it’s not about you anymore. Marriage is a transformation from “I” to “we”. Change is inevitable. It is natural and it needs to be embraced. It’s the way two persons in love come together as one. Will you be able to take on change? We absolutely believe so. But the question is actually, are you ready for the change?

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